The Premier Chinese Martial Arts Studio in Colorado, Teaching a Family System of Gung Fu.

The most established Chinese Medical Practice in Colorado.

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Our competitors in the 5th Annual Denver National Chinese Martial Arts Championship.
June 20, 2015.  Congrats competitors, you did awesome!!!!

Student Kicknastic Routine

Student 2 Weapon Set, choreographed by student

Student Staff Against Staff Set, choreographed by students

Student 2 person set, choreographed by the students

Demo for the City of Thornton Arts and Culture Center, February 6, 2013

The Adventures of Si Nai G, Episode 2, an adventure series starring Si Nai Gretchen and her students!

A Conversation with Advanced Students. They’re feelings about Gretchen Ho’s Kids Kung Fu.

The Adventures of Si Nai G, a new adventure series starring Si Nai Gretchen and soon to star all of her students!

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